Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I live in San Antonio, Texas! I’ve been married to my husband for almost 2 years and we have 2 beautiful, furry babies! One fur baby is a Boxer named Jax. The other is a Border Collie Mix named Bailey.
I started my Young Living Journey in April of 2016 in hopes to find a new method of managing my horrible anxiety and depression. Since then I haven’t looked back!!!

About a month later I started creating jewelry for my Young Living essential oils! It has been something I really love doing, but in the beginning I was too afraid to sell any.

I’ve dealt with anxiety for most of my life and this style of jewelry and the process of making it has truly been a way to ease those anxious feelings!

I make my jewelry right in my very own home! I am a teacher full time and found this hobby to be soothing and fun for me! Teaching has allowed me to show my creative side, which is why making jewelry and constantly changing up my style has been something pretty simple for me.

I was finally brave enough to open up a page on Facebook shockingly named stressawayessentials as a way to share my experiences, recipes and testimonies with others who are interested in Young Living. A few days later I also opened up my first Etsy Shop  where I began selling some of my very own diffuser creations!


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