Finding Peace with Jewelry Making

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 7.23.24 PM.png

In April of 2016 I began making jewelry in order to put my Young Living essential oils on something to diffuse my oils during my day. I know with the oils you can wear them on your skin, but they just don’t last as long as wearing it on jewelry!

I started by making bracelets with Lava Rocks then eventually necklaces with Lava Rocks and Tassels. I posted the pictures of my necklace and bracelets on my personal Facebook and had people asking me if I would eventually sell any. My mind said HECK no! But my heart was screaming you totally should! I made necklaces for friends and family for free because I just didn’t feel like my work was worth paying for. It took me until July of 2016 to finally get the courage to sell any of my jewelry. I first started to sell on my essential oil Facebook page and then decided it would be much easier if I made an Etsy shop. So I started there.

I’m still just in the beginning stages of my Etsy site, but I am so incredibly thankful for the love, support and customers I have received so far. I only hope that my little virtual business grows from here not only because being a teacher this extra money helps pay the bills, but because with this hobby I have been able to fight back against my anxiety. I have been able to succeed when my mind was telling me I wouldn’t. I have been able to calm panic attacks before they could even start. Just sitting down in my bedroom (which is my jewelry office) or in my yoga room (because my husband is sleeping) and being able to let me artistic imagination take control I feel like I am finally doing something I was meant to do. I finally have found one thing that grounds me. That not only makes me happy, but leads to the happiness of others.

My latest creations have been mainly diffuser lanyards. I made 2 custom design ones and I am making another that is like one of the custom orders. I also have a diffuser lanyard for myself, which I cannot wait to use!

I also created my first piece of boy/men diffuser jewelry. It is a braided black cord with lava rocks and a cross. A mother was looking for a piece I am assuming for her son, but I am still waiting to see if it is something she would like. If not, it is on my Etsy site here and hopefully someone will like to have it! I must say, my photography skills have gotten a lot better. Minus that last badge pictures I quickly just snapped on my phone 🙂


I’m still coming up with more ideas each day on what to create next. I know one of my next projects is going to be making a diffuser retractable badge holder and possibly rearview mirror diffuser accessories. We shall see I guess!

I also made some bracelets a couple weeks ago for a friend of mine and her family to wear while she is in Rio for the Olympics! If you guys have some time, please cheer on our dear friend Cammile Adams as she chasing her dream of medaling in the Olympics this year! She is swimming the 200 fly! I just hope that her bracelets get to her and her loved ones safely & they bring them some sense of peace.

Well I guess I should be off and start enjoying my weekend!

Thank you for reading!


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