DIY Desk Re-Do!


So since I began my new journey with this blog/website and my Etsy Shop my husband was kinda enough to re-do a white desk we had gotten from his sister!

I absolutely LOVE how it came out! Now I feel like it actually belongs in our room because our room colors are teal, white and coral. I also feel like I have a real desk that we WANT in our room, not just something convenient that will work to hold my desktop while I am blogging, updating my Etsy site or just playing around on the computer!

I also had a change to make some more versatile essential oil diffuser jewelry!

I now have diffuser necklaces with tassels that are on a gold chain or on a brass chain.
The gold chain necklaces have 3 different styles.
1. Lava rocks and Tiger’s Eye with a Tassel (tassel color of your choice)
2. Just the tassel on the necklace (tassel color of your choice)
3. A cute clear bead charm with a tassel (tassel color of your choice)

Then I made a simple locket diffuser necklace. You open the locket and inside there is a felt pad. You just add 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the pad and enjoy!!!
Here are the listings to the necklaces 🙂
Brass Chain Tassel Diffuser Necklace

Locket Diffuser Necklace

Gold Chain Tassel Necklace


I also started Beachyogagirl’s yoga challenge for August and my husband joined me today!
This was the most intense yoga practice I have done in about a week since I am getting over from strep.

I also went up to my school today and worked on my classroom a bit. I got a lot done in there considering I was doing it all by myself, with no air conditioning! That’s right, NO AC! IN TEXAS! That should be illegal 😦

On that note, I am exhausted and I am going back up to the school tomorrow morning so I should probably get off the computer and try to get my mind to unwind, if it can.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!



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