Etsy Fresh

Last week I decided to start selling some of the essential oil jewelry I had made. I started just on Facebook, but then got the courage to open up my first Etsy Shop!

Here are some of the items I have sold 🙂


The biggest accomplishment and the one thing that has truly made me feel that I chose the right thing is the feedback and reviews I have received. I may not already be a millionaire, but it makes me happy to know that the jewelry I love making is bringing JOY to other people!
These pieces of jewelry are truly a great way to diffuse your favorite essential oils!

If you are interested in checking out my Etsy Store you can find the link on the Menu or you can click HERE!


Pike Headstand

Another time I diffuse my essential oils is when I am practicing yoga. Now I am NOT the best Yogi out there, but I have made a lot of progress and have found myself happier and healthier. My favorite ble
nd to use when I am practicing is Peace and Calming! I can’t wait for that oil to become available again!
Here is a picture of my latest Yoga accomplishment! The Pike Headstand! If you look carefully below my knees you can see my small diffuser I have in my yoga room.

I actually have 4 diffusers in my entire house! Two of which are Young Living Diffusers 🙂 I learned that HEB sells some cheaper, but not as good diffusers.




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